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Friday, December 7, 2012


As a Briton, born, bred and educated in England, it is necessary now and again to confront the current options of the British Government (and the Governments of other countries), with some economic truths ?

In the 1920's, after Germany had lost the first world war, when the country was economically in a state of meltdown, financial ruin, Hitler rose to power.  He got the wheels of industry turning, partly, by building Motorways, which became the admiration and envy of many other countries. 

When there is a depression, when the wheels of industry are not turning, should a government anywhere increase taxes and the costs of living ?  Reduce benefits to make cost savings ?

Is the real alternative not to create more jobs by more Capital spending like building Motorways, Railways, Hospitals in the regions outside main towns, new purpose-built Prisons in outlying areas instead of inside big cities and towns and why not, Nuclear Power plants ?  Is this not also the opportunity to encourage the  decentralisation of certain Government departments ?

In this Computor Age, must everything be concentrated in London ?  To reduce endemic unemployment should governments not dangle a carrot to industrialists who want to expand ?

In this way governments could reduce unemployment benefits and restore the hopes and aspirations of the neglected members of our society !!!  That is what they all really want, not to be dependent on Social Handouts.

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To "tweet" on Cricket in a Blog like mine, can deroute normal readers !!!  Cricket is not Baseball (or Rounders) but a serious Sport or Game played in English speaking Commonwealth countries, but also in one or two other countries like Holland.

To say that the tail is "wagging" is perfectly understood by all adepts !!!  In this case it means that England is doing very well, on top, at a moment when their oponents are suffering !!!  Some players are surpassing themselves !!!

As India is a serious "foe", Englishmen are exstatic whereas Indians are forelorn !!!  This is quite normal.  In England in Summer, up to a million people could be watching or playing Cricket during a weekend !!!  Likewise in other Commonwealth countries !!! 

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Manuel Valls était l'invité de l'émission "DES PAROLES, DES ACTES" sur France 2 ce jeudi 6 décembre. Il était notamment confronté à Marine Le Pen forte de ses 18% à l'élection présidentielle.

Manifestement, la Présidente du "Rassemblement Bleu Marine" avait oublié que la campagne présidentielle était terminée.  Le thème de "l'immigré, responsable de tous les maux", n'a été que trop utilisé !

Il fallait plus longuement insister sur le fait qu'accueillir de nouveaux immigrés sans être en mesure de leur fournir un travail qui leur permette de trouver un logement décent et de subvenir aux besoins de leur famille aggrave leur situation et ne peut qu'engendrer misère et désespoir.


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